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Simplifying IP Voice Technology

The virtual switchboard that integrates with your Business

We know that there are many IP Voice solutions in the market but we could not find any whose integration with the current platforms would satisfy us 100%. Complex layouts, unclear rates, costs for receiving calls, customer service often abroad and in another language. Little or complete pseudo-integrations with the process and sales flow.

We had to create what did not exist

That is why we decided to develop ourselves a solution that unites all the power and professional features of the great telephony platforms, with the simplicity of handling and implantation of virtual switchboards, all integrated with Zoho. Thus, after years of development, Spotfone was born.

Own Development

Customer service in Spain (soon availabe in other countries)

Our Departments use 100% Spotfone

Hundreds of satisfied customers

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Recording and locutions management

Spotfone adds "super powers" to your calls

Welcome Menus

Direct the calls to the corresponding department


Send the messages to the email you want


Management of incoming and outgoing calls

Origin, destination, duration, call costs

Summer, winter, local and national holidays, holidays, etc ...

Customize and program Sending messages from our SMS platform

FAX Mail

Receive faxes and voicemails delivered directly to your email accounts

Call to text transcriptions With word search functionality

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Lines and Numbering

Opens an impressive range of possibilities to manage your business

National Geographic Numbers

International Numbers

Use from the first day a local telephone number in different provinces of Spain, and give the sensation of greater presence. Make calls from the province you want.

You can have a number in any country in the world and deliver the call on any of your lines with our international number service.

Unlimited concurrent lines

Unlike analog lines, Spotfone creates a queue of calls so you can handle an unlimited number of people. Make your phone never communicate.


Spotfone allows you to perform the portability of your current phone number. You will not have to do any extra management, we take care of doing the portability directly.

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What is a virtual PBX?


This is software that is hosted on one or more servers. It is recommended for security and replication of services that the servers are housed in a professional data center, to avoid falls and loss of service.


The virtual switchboard services are managed through the Internet and allow not only the benefits of the physical telephone exchanges of a lifetime, but also provide more advanced features, since it allows you to have extensions in any location where you have Internet, Calls, etc.


You do not need to buy a physical switchboard, or perform any maintenance, just pay for the services and extensions you need and only when you need them.


You can have one or several extensions in your office, in your home, in another city, or in another country, and manage them with all comfort and freedom through the Internet accessing your administration panel.


Main features of the virtual switchboard "Spotfone Suite"


  •  Unlimited extensions (depending on your bandwidth) with which you can connect from anywhere in the world
  •  Transfer of internal and external calls
  •  Free calls between extensions, 24 hours 365 days a year
  •  Abbreviated Dialing with Individual Agendas by Extension
  •  Display status of extensions, busy or free (BLF service)
  •  Gateway service to make calls from any mobile or fixed and charged to your company
  •  WEB access to manage your virtual PBX, diversions, backup lines, calendars, music on hold ...
  •  Associate to your switchboard the fixed numbers that you need national or international
  •  Outgoing calls with different call number identification by extension
  •  Voicemail by extension, message received by phone or by mail
  •  Configurable audio-conferencing room from your administration panel
  •  Transferring Calls and Capturing Calls from Another Extension
  •  Answering machine with e-mail and web-based voicemail
  •  Call forwarding if the extension is busy or does not answer
  •  FAX-Mail service: your fax will never communicate, you can receive faxes by e-mail or via the Web
  •  Configuring and customizing your virtual PBX when you need it from your Internet connection
  •  Fax sending and receiving service integrated by extension, with identification of fax number and name
  •  Recording incoming and outgoing calls on demand
  •  Backup line with diversion to fixed or mobile phones, if your Internet connection does not work
  •  Call queue management
  •  IVR menu management (if you want to speak with administration dial 1, commercial dial 2, technician dial 3)
  •  Integration of your CRM with your virtual PBX. You can make one-click calls



Management panel of your virtual switchboard with access through any device


  •  Manage your virtual PBX through your mobile, tablet, PC, etc.
  •  History and statistics of your consumption, origin, destination, duration, cost per extension
  •  Upload and set up your locutions of schedules, welcome, holidays, etc.
  •  Manage how you want to receive the calls and in which extensions, if all at once or first in one  and then another
  •  Diversion and Voicemail Management by extension, with e-mail reception