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Use cases

Spotfone adapts to your type of business


Click 2 Call

Take advantage of your contact database as a means of marketing your services or products. Spotfone adapts perfectly to your sales force process making it easy to contact directly with your customer implementing specific utilities for this work, increasing the profitability of your business.

Implementing a flow of calls where customers share their data with you before talking to them has many advantages; Among them, it facilitates the customer's contact with the company and you can also adjust your external calls to the resources that you have available at any moment in a dynamic way. With Spotfone this service is free.

After Sales


An adequate after-sales service will clearly increase the satisfaction of your client, which will increase the possibility of continuity of services acquisition to your company by the same and also improve your image at a global level. Spotfone will help you improve your after-sales service.

At the end of the day, to make decisions, we need data and measurements, Spotfone and your CRM will help you learn where your contacts are, how they came to you and how they become customers. That way, you can adjust your communication strategy to express the right messages in the right places.


Customer Support

The existence and increase in the number of call centers worldwide shows how important it is today to professionalize voice communication with customers. Technological management of a call center often requires huge acquisition costs. Spotfone is a professional solution with excellent value for money to match the most demanding situations.

It improves the quality and reliability of the support to your customers with Spotfone and our solutions of CRM and Customer support. With these solutions you will be able to automate and methodize a large part of the workflows that entails a professional customer service.