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Enter an unknown world with a team you already know

The difference is always marked by people

Quality of Support:
The factor that makes the difference

The telecommunications sector is a section that is as essential as it is unknown. In this one reigns a strong competition in which many times the price to pay is a poor customer service.

Therefore, the management of your CRM and contact with your customers should not only be based on a simple technological question. But in a solution where first of all reward the human factor and trust with your supplier. Because not all companies work the same or have the same communication needs.

We ourselves have been clients before suppliers and we have suffered firsthand the results of having an unprofessional service, so for us, offering quality and professional customer service is the priority center that marks our business strategy, something that You will notice from the moment you contact us.

Vision 360º in more than 25 countries

SagitaZ is a company dedicated to developing business with clients in more than 25 countries and using ZOHO applications to help its clients in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, customer service, HR and tailor-made projects.

You will deal with us and only with us

We are virtual operators of telephony in Spain, we sell our own service of telephony through Voz IP on Zoho CRM, with which, we will be your interlocutor, we will know who you are and what are your needs when you speak with us.

Quick and direct custom implementation

You will have an IP Voice telephony service in a few days integrated, being the totality of your project carried out by own and non-subcontracted personnel.

Support of multidisciplinary quality, national and international

We work through our own companies in the countries of Spain, France, Argentina and Mexico, moving our equipment in the necessary cases, or covering all the countries of the five continents.


For this, in SagitaZ we have people able to work in Spanish, English, French, German and Russian.

Where you are we are

We can move to your premises and train your workers in a practical and effective way in the use of CRM with Spotfone. We have extensive experience in business training.

Customized classroom training

We adapt to your agenda

We use the time to the maximum