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SMS Platform


We offer your integrated SMS platform in your IP voice telephony management panel, to communicate with your customers and users in a personal, fast and direct way.


You can use sending SMS in your work relationships and also leisure. Direct communication to multiple users quickly, economically and whenever you want.


Advantages of the SMS service


  • Cost saving, cheaper than a phone call.
  • High efficiency, the message arrives to the user or client on the date you decide even if your mobile phone is switched off.
  • Multiple communication to all your users or customers at once.
  • Great effectiveness in personalized promotions for its clients.
  • Information stored: The user who receives the message, has the information for when you need it, promotional codes, access codes, etc.
  • Import and update your contact list:
  • Through your administration panel you can see the history of sending your messages, day, time, origin and destination. Send bulk SMS messages quickly and easily.
  • Schedule your SMS shipments for the time and date you want, renew services, congratulate birthdays, etc.
  • Send SMS instantly and with full coverage throughout Spain. You can create multiple templates, depending on your needs, work, family, friends, etc.