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Linea IP

What is an IP line?


It is a connection through your Internet network, facilitated by a

IP telephony operator, which allows you to receive and make calls

To national and international fixed and mobile telephones.


What data do I need to configure my IP line?


The data provided by Spotfone to configure its IP line are: SIP server, user and password.


Can I keep my number or hire a new one to make and receive calls?


You can carry the numbers you are already using in your company or hire the new numbers


  •  Contract national geographic numbers of any Spanish province
  •  You can use numbers 901, 902
  •   Arrange to receive and send calls from international numbers of up to 55 countries


What devices can I use?


You can use any of these devices:


  •  IP Telephones
  •  Lifetime Analog Phones Connecting a Telephone Adapter
  •  Software called "Softphone" installed on your PC and using headphones
  • Install a free or paid app on your Android or Iphone Smartphone


Advantages of hiring an IP line


  • Hire a line or those you need, the contracted line limit is derived by the speed of your Internet connection.
  • You can use your IP line with any broadband Internet connection from any operator.
  • Free calls between your company headquarters.
  • Web Panel, to manage your voice mailbox and calls to landlines and mobiles, history of consumption, tariffs.
  • No call setup cost.
  • Tarification by seconds.
  • No contract of permanence.