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International Numbers

International Numbers


With the service of "International Numbers" you can have a number from any country in the world, to receive and make calls to fixed or mobile numbers of any country.


International numbers provide great value for companies that have branches abroad and do not have customer service personnel or offices in those countries. It also allows you to offer the possibility of your customers to contact your company in Spain at the cost of a local call.


Our service allows companies located in Spain to contract international numbering with Spotfone and deliver the calls received through those numbers in their office in Spain.


Steps to follow:


  • Hire the international number of the country you want.
  • Publish it in your usual advertising and communicate it to your overseas customers.
  • Your potential customers will call the international number of your company at the cost of a local call.
  • The calls received in our system are delivered in your office in Spain or in any country.
  • You can receive calls from several countries in different locations, and be answered by different agents. This allows you to serve the customers you have in any country of the world, offering you the possibility of contacting your company at the cost of a local call.


And when you contact your customers located abroad from Spain, the identification number they will receive will be the country of the destination country of the call, thus transmitting your company a telephone call image of proximity.



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