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Calling service through the gateway

Service description


You can make calls from any landline or mobile phone as if you were in the office (you do not have to have the Internet, you do not consume data)


How does it work?


It will call to the national fixed number that we indicate to him, can be of Madrid, Barcelona or any geographic number that we provide to him. When you have placed the call, you will hear a voice-over that tells you to dial the destination number.




  • You can call from any mobile or landline as if you were in the office.
  • Your customers will not keep your mobile number, as they will see your office number.
  • Your commercials may continue to carry your personal mobile, but the calls will be made as if they were in the office and charged to the company.
  • You will be able to see accessing your panel, all the calls that your commercials have made with their mobile phones through the gateway.
  • You can record all outgoing calls made through the gateway.
  • You can use the service for professional or private use with charge to your company, suppliers, workers, friends, family.
  • The call to the gateway will have the cost that your operator charges you to a national number or it will cost you € 0 if you have a flat rate to national fixed.
  • The call from the gateway to the final destination will pay Spotfone, with its usual rate or with its call bonus if it has contracted.
  • From your panel you can enter a four-digit PIN number, so that people who call your gateway have to identify themselves to make calls.
  • You can sign up or down from your panel the numbers that can perform the service charged to your company.
  • Activation of the service is immediate, if you are already a customer of Spotfone.