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FaxMail service via email


Through this FaxMail service you can receive faxes and voice messages in your email accounts, thus optimizing the reception of information and maintaining the privacy of all information received through the fax.



Advantages of the FaxMail service


  • It conveys an innovative image of your company.
  • It allows both fax numbers and departments or posts to have your company.
  • Confidentiality, faxMail will be received only by the person to whom it is addressed.
  • The digital format allows you to sort, sort, archive and forward the received document.
  • Your fax will never communicate.
  • No more SPENDING on consumables and maintenance (paper, toner, etc).
  • Time saving (do not wait for fax arrivals, paper shortage, etc.).
  • Saving space (everything is virtual does not need physical machines).
  • You will not need staff dedicated to receiving and distributing documents by fax.
  • You will have privacy about the documents received (you receive it in your mail account or via the Web).
  • Managing your fax via the Web, you simply organize how faxes are received in your company.