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Connect your CRM with your portal to the world

With Spotfone you can easily implement a simple form on your web page where visitors share their call details. Your CRM will enter that call data in a queue and Spotfone will automatically call the visitor. This system facilitates the contact of your visitors with your company and allows you to adjust your external calls to the resources that you have available at any moment in a dynamic way.

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How does the service work?


The visitor who accesses his website can enter his name and his telephone number at any time, to request any information.


Then the platform Spotfone makes a simultaneous call and puts in contact the user who requests information and the company that owns the website.




With this service you will be facilitating the visitor to access your website, so that you can contact your company for free, to consult any questions you have at that time or to place an order.


This immediate telephone attention will increase your sales and also increase the loyalty of your customers to the power at the time they need to resolve any questions or expand the information about any product or service that your company offers.